Relaxing or Healing?

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The word “healing” does not go down great with some Veterans. It has a feeling of new age, woo woo, and is not acceptable. For the sake of rapport, I often start a conversation by replacing the word “healing” with “relaxing”.

Healing without Excuses

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When working with unforgivable trauma and despair, I find it important to not offer excuses for what happened. In my experience, Veterans don’t want to hear that there is something good about a kid that died in a cross fire, about the accidental death of civilians, or anybody, for that matter. Instead, we use EFT to find peace with what happened. Having released the trauma and overwhelm allows the Veterans to take charge in a new and powerful way.

EFT – a true solution for war trauma

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Statistics show that most Veterans ask their immediate private surrounding, their families and buddies, for help with their war trauma. But are those ley people prepared for this important taks?
EFT can be easily and effectively taught and applied, even by spouses with no background in mental health.

Organizations for Active Duty and Veteran Women

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Veterans can learn how to relax with EFT

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Many Veterans prefer the word relaxation over the word healing. EFT is a powerful tool to help a Veteran relax about a traumatic event and regain sleep.

Tapping without the fear of judgment

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As EFT practitioners, we don’t judge, we don’t condone, and we don’t excuse what happened in the past, we help…

Veterans are the light at the tip of the candle

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  by Thich Nhat Hanh Veterans are the light at the tip of the candle, illuminating the way for the…

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