Why Getting Organized During Covid19 Coronavirus Lockdown is Challenging for remote Workers

Getting organized while working from home is always challenging, but during the times of the Coronavirus lockdown, it is even more important than ever.

As an organization, you know that many of your remote workers are working under less than ideal circumstances right now:

Their homes were not designed and set up for extra home office space.

Their family is at home, distracting them from getting work done.

They might share the dining room table with their third grader who is doing homework.

They are nervous about the future of the company and the security of their job.

Their spouse might have lost their job, and finances are tight

Any conflict gets magnified.

any stressor becomes more stressful

They miss out on catching up with colleagues and might feel out of the loop


My talking point:

Why getting organized is more important than ever

4 conflicts stemming from the corona virus situation

4 steps to getting organized

4 things any remote worker must do

4 things any employer of remote workers must pay attention to

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