Does Clutter Hurt Your Family?

The stress from owning too much stuff, and storing it in places where it doesn’t belong, isn’t just a personal issue.
It impacts everyone we love: our partner, our kids, and friends who would like to come visit, but never get invited because we feel that we need to clean up first.

No Place To Relax And Just Be
When there is clutter on counters and floors, in overflowing shelves or plastic bins (for the lack of proper storage), when the table or chairs have to be cleared before we can sit down to eat, or we are ashamed to give someone a ride because our car isn’t presentable or clean, then we are hurting others, not just ourselves.

CHAOS = Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome
Think about it: How many times have you thought that your clutter is really embarrassing? How many times were you afraid that people would come over unannounced and saw how you live?

Main Reason For Fighting
The stress from clutter is one of the main reasons why partners fight. Kids don’t know how to be focused when they are getting sidetracked by clutter and never learn how to be organized and comfortable at home.

Poor Food Choices
There is a direct link between a disorganized home, and the food choices we make.
When the house isn’t comfortable, people take to comfort food to make up for what they are missing. Clutter encourages the “couch potato syndrome”, which also adds to weight gain and physical issues.

Constant Overwhelm
Coming home at night into a cluttered home turns into a permanent feeling of stress and overwhelm, so we never get to relax and feel that we are safe, accomplished and good enough.

Loss Of Confidence – Self Sabotage
Ingrid, have you ever noticed how easy it is to stop believing that we can actually be successful? We get inspired, excited and motivated, until that time when we hit a wall and fall into an old pattern of self sabotage.
And the more often we do this, the more our subconscious mind comes to the conclusion that what we really want is just to start, not to finish. So it puts that rule in place, that finishing isn’t safe. Fear of success – remember?
The good news is that we have EFT to work through this now. We can and have to break through these self sabotaging patterns with EFT!
Tap on Healing Self Sabotage!

The Decision To Change This Is Life Changing
Yes, you may have to use willpower to step up. It might not come easy to you, and it might not sound intuitive. Sometimes, making a decision is a really big deal, and all our fears come up at once.

Let Me List Some Common Excuses:
I don’t have time… “right now”.
I don’t have money… “right now”
My partner isn’t supportive… “right now”

Can we please talk about “Right Now….?”

No Time… Right Now…
The truth is, that there is never a perfect time to make changes.
No matter how long we wait: We will always have to make a decision, deal with the inconvenience of changes in our lives, face that we have our work cut out for ourselves. Would you agree?

No Money…Right Now…
Since we don’t budget for things we know we can have, we never “have the money right now.” The question is this: If this was an expense that your child needed you to make, would you prioritize it? Would you find the money if it was important enough?
The answer is probably: “Yes.” And you know why? Because it is so much easier to give to others than to claim for ourselves.
But Clutter hurts your family, your relationships, your partner, so why wouldn’t we make it a priority to address this now, and once and for all?

No Support…Right Now…
The main reason why partners might not be supportive is, that we have tried to change before and didn’t follow through. They watched us stumble and fail too many times, and want to either protect us from getting hurt again, or protect themselves from disappointment or an expense that they don’t trust just yet.
In order to get their acknowledgment and support, we need to prove that we can do it, that we can succeed, and that we deserve to get the help we need. Big stuff is hard to do alone. To break that cycle, we might have to jump into cold water and do what we need But once they see the results, they will be more supportive and understanding in the future. Would you agree?

The Ultimate Clutter Cleanse Gives Money, Time and Support
You will donate, sell or otherwise monetize what you don’t need.
You will learn to do babysteps, consistently. This is not about carving out hours per day, but to change from clutter to clarity and consistently let go what shouldn’t be in your home.
Even if your partner isn’t in the boat just yet, you have a support group of new friends who all have the same goal: To tackle their stuff and to free their lives.
They will do the exercises with you, hold you accountable and give you the acknowledgement, love and cheers that you need to succeed.

So why ARE you holding back?
I hope you have the courage to decide that enough is enough, and you want the support you deserve to clear out that clutter once and for all.

I hope you make a decision to join us.
It will change your life. That I can promise.
And I can’t wait to welcome you to the group!

We are starting next Monday at 7:00pm EST, so if you want to be there for the first class (you do get a recording after), then please contact me and sign up now!
If there are any open questions, I’d be happy to answer them via email or phone.
But Don’t Wait!
Your Life is waiting for you 🙂
You are amazing!

PS: I have even created an option to work and tap with me privately during our Clutter Clearing Adventure. Please check it out!


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