Thought Leaders and Influencers – A Life Outside Of The Box

I have written several posts about what not to say about your niche.

Instead, think about the people you care about, the goals or missions that are dear to your heart, and why they are important to you.

Know that your target market will change as a result of your personal growth. You will be able to carry more energy for others, to change more, connect more, be more of service to new communities that you are now ready for.

As a result of tons of changes in my personal and professional life, I have realized that my target market has significantly changed.

I have been inspired by women and men who know that they are thinking outside of the box:

  • Women and men who know that they have something new to share, not just repeat what they have learned from others.
  • Women and men who have a unique and powerful story, a story that has often brought them to their edge, and they had to push hard to overcome what haunted and hurt them.
  • Women and men who refuse to do anything in life unless they can find a way to make it fun and joyful
  • Women and men who know that their personal story impacts and influences others, and who care and fight for what they believe in.
  • Women and men who understand that they need a calm, creative mindset to be successful and bring change
  • Women and men who know that they need resources and a successful business to have deep impact and influence


“I love to support women and men who know that they are thought leaders in their field, who are ready to expand and reach more people.

People who are ready to impact and influence others, and understand that a successful business and a calm, creative mindset are necessary to reach their goals.”

There is a certain moment at which people make that shift into leadership and visibility.
It often comes quietly, after they have been hiding and working on it for a long time.
It comes in hindsight, after they have dreamed of the goals that they thought they should have reached.
One day they look back at all the work they have already done, the lives they have changed, the actions they have initiated, and they wonder what happened.
They are not who they used to be, but they don’t know who they are now.
I love helping them see the value in their personal experiences, connect the dots between what they have learned and achieved, and how they learned and achieved it, and let go of any doubt that they are here for a higher purpose, a bigger purpose, and in a unique position to contribute to the growth and healing of the people around them.
There are many ways of becoming relevant in the world, and each way is equally important.
I am inspired by the many ways that we can have impact and leave a mark, help others and make a difference.
In any country, any gender, any religion, any field.

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