EFT Videos: Testimonials for the EFT Certification Program

Nothing speaks better about the quality and effectiveness of a workshop, than the testimonial of someone who has been there.

The videos below are just some of my students, and I am so grateful that they have decided to commit to taking EFT as far as they have.

Please join us for the next EFT Level 1&2 Intensive in a small group:

When: July 6th – 8th 2012

Where: Residence Inn, Concord NH 03301

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm (please bring an extra 30 minutes in case we need them)

Tuition: $399.-

Included: Extensive workbook, snacks and gifts 


Cheri Valentine, EFT Level 2, VIP



Helen Fernald, EFT Level 1


Dianna Serrano, EFT Level 1


 Diane, EFT Level 1&2 intensive 



Nancy, EFT Level 1&2, VIP



Stephanie, EFT Level 1&2 



Royann, EFT Level 1


Nanci, EFT Level 1



Laurie, EFT Level 1




Linda, EFT Level 1&2



Babette, Level 1&2, VIP



Elissa, EFT Level 2, VIP



Kim, EFT Level 2



Royann VIP  

Jerry, Veteran and Firefighter with PTSD, EFT Level 1&2, VIP


Amy, EFT Level 1&2

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