Career transition: Have you grieved yet?

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No Career transition is easy, and losing a job is more than just losing a reliable stream of income.

Losing a job is a very traumatic event for most people, and jumping ahead into the job search without acknowledging the feelings that are connected with the job loss can result in losing self confidence and becoming hopeless and overwhelmed.
In order to be ready for finding a career, it is important to find peace with losing the job, and to not hold on to anger or resentment.

If you had a great relationship to your co-workers, you will feel grief about losing the daily connection.

It is important to acknowledge these feelings with kindness and compassion, and without judgment. Grief is a very important feeling, and more than appropriate for anybody who is facing unemployment and having to find a new career. It is very healing to take a long walk and, without making any plans for the future yet, acknowledging: “I am sad.” Try to stay with this feeling, and don’t change it into anger or fear, as these will stop you from acknowledging an important part of how you feel.

Grieving dear colleagues that you spent a good portion of your day with is a feeling that deserves to be acknowledged with compassion. Losing this kind of social connection and support, losing trustworthy relationships that got you through the day together, is a very big deal.
No matter how wonderful your new job will be: When you don’t allow yourself to feel the grief and sadness about losing your old colleagues, there is a good chance that you will not be free enough to creating new, positive relationships in your new position.

Admitting grief does not mean admitting powerlessness, but instead it is a part of an honest and self respecting check in with ourselves after a traumatic event. When we realize that we can actually verbalize how much we miss the reliable connections we had with our colleagues, the routines we shared, the way we supported each other and knew about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and don’t fight these feelings, we will be able to find closure much quicker.

Remember that admitting and releasing grief about losing dear colleagues through a career change is an important part of getting ready for the change ahead with a positive mindset and great self esteem.

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