How to offer Veterans services with EFT

At the recent Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology “ACEP” conference, a frequent question was: “How can we get EFT into the VA, so that Veterans can get access to  this incredible tool?”

Some of the people asking were actually therapists from different VA’s, who passionately wanted to find ways to include EFT tapping.

I was grateful to have an opportunity to talk with them and offer resources, studies and connections that might make it easier for them to move forward at their place of employment. But at the same time, they admitted that some of the work that they do with their Veterans has to remain “under the radar”, as it is not official therapy, as well as the fact that they can’t treat family members.

It was frustrating for them to have to work under such  circumstances, and I deeply honored and acknowledged their passion and commitment to offer their clients the best treatments possible. At the same time, it was encouraging to hear that a VA had actually partially financed the conference participation of one of their therapists.

So the situation is different for different therapists and in different VA’s, and if you have a connection that can open doors, please use it and let us know what happens! Sometimes, doors open in surprising ways, and sometimes they remain closed in equally surprising ways.

But I think that one thought can be clear to every practitioner who is interested in helping Veterans: This work is very personal and has to do with personal trust and integrity. We don”t have to get EFT into the VA in order to make this great healing tool accessible for Veterans. We can find personal ways to reach out and share EFT with military families and troops and help them heal from trauma on a one by one basis.

I believe that this is a great, maybe the best way to help the returning troops and Veterans heal.”/speman-online-ratings”>.

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