Some more thoughts to ponder…

War has always been part of human life and history. Wars have been fought for any reason imaginable and have been used to change just about everything people ever found important, often terminating one social system or realty and starting or supporting a new one.

The price for these shifts is being paid by those who have ended up being victimized by a society’s decision to go to war:

The horrors of war on both sides live on in all the civilians who didn’t have the power to protect themselves and change what war did to them, their lives, their families, their dreams and existence on all levels.

War lives on in those who have lost their soul, their trust, their feeling of safety. It lives on in the shattered bodies of those who will never walk or see again; those who can’t sleep without nightmares; those whose marriages are broken and whose children are traumatized. War is a constant companion of those who are forced to live a life that is far removed from what they had dreamed of, planned for and deserve.
And most certainly, war lives on in every Veteran and his family who doesn’t get the help to heal…


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