Tapping without the fear of judgment

As EFT practitioners, we don’t judge, we don’t condone, and we don’t excuse what happened in the past, we help HEAL what happened.

All of us have a deeply ingrained fear of judgment of our actions. The fear of judgment is often greater than the fear of  failure, and it stops us from moving forward with what we would otherwise be able to do.

This is very true for most of the Veterans I have worked with. Most of my Veterans don’t want to talk about what they did in war. They are embarrassed, feel guilty for surviving, or realize the enormousness of their actions and the lives they changed and took.

Therefore, many Veterans only want to talk with other Vets about what happened in war. They feel that they are the only ones who can understand and relate to what truly happened. Only with other Veterans there do they trust that they won’t be judged.

Here is a great chance for EFT Practitioners to truly help Veterans heal.

Because with EFT, we don’t have to know WHY someone is hurting. Our focus as EFT practitioners is THAT the person hurts. We don’t focus on WHY the person is angry. What matters is THAT the person is angry. With EFT, we don’t have to know the details in order to take the charge out of a traumatic memory.

We can stay focused on the emotional RESPONSE to what happened in the past, and allow for the Veteran to release his/her intensity without the fear of judgment.

I have often worked with Veterans using setup statements like

“Even though I have a “10” intensity about what happened that morning, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I can’t allow myself yet to release this response, I completely love and accept myself anyway.”

“Even if what happened back then wasn’t right from how I see it today, I acknowledge the situation I was in, and the context in which it happened, and consider forgiving myself in a way that feels right and appropriate.”

These statements are usually filled with concrete information and memories for the Veteran, and his/her subconscious works on the specific memory without the discomfort and embarrassment of sharing details.

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